From my great-grandmother to my grandmother to me, the love of crocheting has been passed. I used to chain long strings and used them for 'show-and-tell' when I was little. Now I crochet clothing of all sorts. This is a passion and I love to make wonderful accessories for babies, kids, and the occasional adult. I use this blog to post new photos of hats and of my friend's lovely children. A quick feed of my Etsy shop is to the right and below are some buttons for your personal blog. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

its for real now

...maybe ;)

so, i got some hats to the photographer i will be using to take photos of my hats. she is really quite good, i look at them and think they should be in a magazine. and her boys are beautiful. i am sending off a bunch more hats (and booties) to her today and i am excited to see the results.


Anonymous said...

These pictures look really great! I especially like the third one. It really does look like it belongs in a magazine. You're hats look really great too!

Bonny Smith said...

thanks! those images really are fun, they're candid and REAL. something you can't find so much anymore. emotion in pictures is the best.

Beauty care said...

Those pictures are simply awesome... Little heart looks cute.. The cap is one of my favorite one.. Very beautiful article.. Thanks for sharing..

Teresita said...